International Model Movement

Large number of girls and boys all across Serbia and our region paid respect to Forma Viva, with the intention to start their professional career in modeling. So far, Forma Viva's long- term partner Elite Model Menagement was the main element in all decisions concerning their international careers. The chance to offer girls and boys as models to any other big fashion system exited only if Elite as our first partner would definitely give up on them. Since a lot of successful models, all discovered by Forma Viva, have been engaged in jobs for a long time, or they worked for other agencies (Marija Vujovic - DNA, VIVA, Natasa Vojnovic - NEXT, IMG, Ana Mihajlovic and Emina Cunmulaj - Muse Management, Danijela Dimitrovska - IMG, as well as new faces: Simona Andrejic - Marilyn NY, Dijana Raicevic - 2Morrow, Bojana Stankovic - Viva Paris and London, Dunja Gvozdic - View Barcelona and Place Hamburg, etc.), it became obvious that there is no agency able to recognize and absorb all the offered potential alone and that the changes concerning the way of placement of models are necessary. Therefore, Forma Viva decided to intensify the collaboration with other leading world fashion agencies, and to give absolutely equal possibility of choosing and engaging models to everyone interested. In such a way, the chance for gaining the international engagement for each of our models is multiplied and previous conditions for starting the career in some other fashion system interested for the model would therefore be changed. This change in Forma Viva's business policy will initially raise the annual number of international castings from two to four. Also, the decision of Forma Viva to maintain the position of the biggest scouting center of South - East Europe will be confirmed once again.